Special tutorials for Medical Students

  1. Laboratory note : (in Thai)
    1. Concise gross and microscopic examination description
  2. Lecture Notes on : ( in Thai )
    1. Pathology of "inflammation".
    2. Pathology in Parasitic Infection.
    3. Pathology of "thyroid gland", in oncology.
    4. Pathology of "gout" and "infective arthritis".
    5. Pathology of Male Genital System.
    6. Principal pathology of infection.
  3. Internet Education Courses. (in English, downloaded from original websites)
    1. AFIP: Online Urologic Pathology.
    2. AFIP: Atlas of Tumor Pathology. TUMORS OF THE ESOPHAGUS AND STOMACH.
    3. State University of New York at Stony Brook : Hematopathology Tutorial. By David Weissmann.
Note: All of these materials are used for education purpose.